Earth Oddity

Earth Oddity 131: Mt. Trumpmore? He’s not Bluffing

August 11, 2020

News Links for the Week:

White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore:

A Woman's Obituary For Her Husband Who Died From The Coronavirus Is Going Viral:

In A Twist On Loyalty Programs, Emirates Is Promising Travelers A Free Funeral If Infected With Covid:

Alberta brewery apologizes for misusing Maori language, naming beer 'pubic hair':

Kane Brown Got Lost In The Woods & Called Police To Rescue Him… On His OWN PROPERTY:

Jerry Falwell Jr. taking ‘indefinite leave of absence’ from role as Liberty University President:

Earth Oddity Extended:

Former upstate New York mayor, 67, is killed and two others are injured after guacamole-making machine explodes:

Hookers for Jesus wins fresh round of funding from Trump administration:

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