Earth Oddity

Earth Oddity 49: I thought you were a hairy, bipedal beast

December 25, 2018

News Links for the Week:

Hunter thought he was firing at Bigfoot, 'victim' tells police:

Women accused of using drone to try to deliver cellphones, tobacco to inmate:

Federal court says NY ban on nunchucks unconstitutional: 

Disabled man changes mind about head transplant:

Trump Foundation must sell off president's autographed Tim Tebow helmet:

Monterey Bay Aquarium Tweets Picture of 'Thicc' Otter, Gets Backlash:

Missouri Judge Orders Poacher To Repeatedly Watch ‘Bambi’ In Jail:

Alabama police department blames Satan for spike in homicides:

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Music Break:  A version of We Three Kings performed by the Long Family at Carroll's Creek Baptist Church on 12-16-18. Apologies for the audio quality, it was ripped from a Facebook video that was recorded on someone's phone. Cut me some slack, its Christmas :-P

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