Earth Oddity

Earth Oddity Bonus: Nicest Guy ever, Steve Wiebe

June 27, 2020

Best interview I've ever had the pleasure of doing. Steve Wiebe is a full time math teacher, part time movie star, talented musician, expert Donkey Kong player and all around nice guy. If you haven't seen the documentary "The King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters" yet, go watch it now. Then come back and listen to Steve's story of how the movie was made, how he went on to be in other films, make 4 music albums that almost nobody knows about, and then his new pursuit of streaming on Twitch and his return to competitive gaming! He quite the guy to talk too yet despite his success he remains one of the nicest guys I've ever spoke to. If you want to follow Steve on Twitch the link to his page is: You can also stream his music on Spotify here: He also has a YouTube page here: He's also got a Twitter account you can follow which is @stevewiebedk. Again, special thanks to Steve Wiebe for taking some time to talk to us, we hope you enjoy it and hopefully we'll chat again soon!

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